The Cambridge International Certificate in Educational Leadership (CICEDL)

Program Coordinator will connect the candidates with program Leader and the certificates will be provided by the Cambridge.

Qualification Structure:

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Module 1


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Module 2

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Module 3


The table below shows what is involved in each module
Learning Hours in Preparation 150
Recommended Programme Duration 4 Months
Assessment Portfolio of evidence of practice, learning and reflection
Evidence Length 3600 words with work-based records


What is CICEdL? What is the duration of this course?

This stands for Cambridge International Certificate in Educational Leadership. The duration will be 4 months.

What is CIDEdL? What is the duration of this course?

This stands for Cambridge International Diploma in Educational Leadership. The duration will be 8 months.

Why should I do this course?

The Cambridge International Certificate and Diploma in Educational Leadership enable school leaders to:

  • check

    Develop their understanding of educational leadership through further study of contemporary international theories and research.

  • check

    Research findings and insights about how to improve teaching and learning in their schools through the effective management of change and the professional development of teachers and leaders.

  • check

    Apply their leadership learning to their own leadership practice through critical reflection, mentoring, professional debate and the implementation of a leadership initiative in their school.

  • check

    Evaluate their leadership learning and review their priorities for further professional development as part of their personal development plan.

  • check

    Develop higher-level skills in academic study and academic writing as a basis for further study.

I am studying with a Cambridge International school registered as online, what are my options for taking exams?

Some Cambridge schools registered as online are approved as exam venues. Candidates can either be entered for exams directly by the centre and sit their exams as regular candidates, or they can enter as private candidates at other Cambridge exam venues. Many Cambridge schools registered as online do not have their own exam venue, so candidates must register to sit their exams as private candidates at a Cambridge exam venue convenient for them.

How will this course help me?

Leadership learning is based on the twin concepts of active learning and reflective practice. Taking this certificate and diploma will help you to:

Increase the knowledge of relevant theories and research findings to inform and deepen their reflections. The qualifications aim to strengthen the ability of practising leaders to learn from experience. They do this through the opportunities provided to reflect, analyse and self-evaluate their actions.

Who can do this course?

The (CICEdL) Cambridge International Certificate in Educational Leadership and (CIDEdL) Cambridge International Diploma in Educational Leadership.

The Certificate and Diploma are for those who have a leadership role in schools, but also those who work in school districts, regional centres or other parts of the educational system.

How many hours of learning will I do?

There will be 150hrs of learning in total which will include 50hrs of Guided Learning , 50hrs of Individual collaborative learning and 50hrs of work based learning.

What is the process of Learning?

The spiral of professional learning in a Cambridge PDQ programme depends particularly on three processes:

  • (a) Observation.
  • (b) Reflection.
  • (c) Learning with and from mentors.

These processes work together. It is crucial that learners will receive feedback to inform their continuous reflection on their learning experiences.

Observation and reflection will be provided with the support of a mentor. The mentor develops a learning relationship with the candidate, supporting them during their work- based learning to make the most of the learning experience and to achieve the Cambridge qualification.

Is it applicable for a particular subject?

No, It is a part – time course to become a Certified Cambridge Educational Leader. It is not related to one particular subject. Moreover to help leaders develop their professional thinking and practice, and enhance their:

  • check Knowledge, skills and understanding of effective leadership
  • check Leadership practice
  • check School and its effectiveness
What kind of assessment is conducted in this course?

Candidates are assessed through an ePortfolio of evidence, submitted to a team of Cambridge International examiners using PDQ Connect, an online platform. In their portfolio, candidates demonstrate their knowledge, skills and understanding of leadership in the context of their own work. Portfolio evidence includes:

  • check Reviews of key concepts and theories of leadership.
  • check Evaluation of their job descriptions and their leadership contexts.
  • check Reflections on their leadership skills and practice and action planning for development.
  • check Interviews with experienced leaders and feedback from them.
  • check Analyses of the skills and practices of effective leaders.
  • check Analysis of their own leadership learning and feedback from peers and mentors.
  • check An evaluation of a change initiative which they have planned and implemented.
  • check A Professional Development Plan for their future leadership development.
What kind of qualification will I receive upon completion?

The candidate will receive a Certificate or a Diploma from Cambridge Assessment International Education.

By when can I receive the Certificate?

Once the portfolio is submitted to CAIE, they will send the result after 2 months. After the result is announced, the certificates will be dispatched within upcoming 2 to 3 weeks.

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