Is Peeracadémie affiliated?

Peeracadémie is an online school that offers personalized learning anywhere. Currently our curriculum is aligned with Cambridge Assessment International examinations. For certifications, Parents may apply for the child as a private candidate for Cambridge checkpoint exam for Primary 5. Peeracadémie can guide you to register your child. The child can appear for exams in the Cambridge centre that is closest to your house.

If I continue with Peeracadémie, should I still send my child to a physical school?

With Peeracadémie School, we strive to create a school environment that meets the need of the 21st Century skill set. We offer a structured, progressive and personalised learning through our Cambridge trained teachers. Physical School has its own merits and demerits; it may not be suitable for everyone. Make your choices wisely. our website may also help you to decide the best for your child.

Will Peeracadémie provide the marks sheet?

Yes, The Internal assessment will take place according to the assessment dates mentioned on our website. We will provide the marks sheet at the end of the year.

Is Peeracadémie, only for Home Schooling?

Yes, It is the best platform for home-schooling. Peeracadémie is best suited for the following children.

  • checkLearners who want to excel or learn deeper and wider on their own
  • checkHome Schoolers, who are looking for structured learning
  • checkLearners who do not have access to good schools with good teachers because of economic reasons, long travel hours to School or the place of their residence
  • checkLearners pursuing professional training in music, arts, sports, and similar activities and require flexibility in learning hours
  • checkLearners undergoing medical treatment which makes them difficult to attend traditional schools
  • checkLearners of parents in transferable jobs that often require a change of schools.
  • checkLearners who attend regular schools and require additional tuition classes.
  • checkLearners of parents who are worried about the hygiene / sanitisation in physical schools, and the health and safety of their children due to the pandemic Coronavirus and social distancing norms.
  • checkLearners who need mid-term admissions
  • checkParents who are looking for an alternative to hostels
  • checkLearners who are not satisfied with traditional schools due to high fees, low quality of teachers, or a poor experience of learning
  • checkLearners who are physically challenged and are able to manage schooling from home

My physical School also conduct online classes. How is Peeracadémie different?

Peeracadémie fulfils the requirement of 21st century skills. We offer structured, progressive, and personalised learning for our students using EdTech tools and techniques, which is challenging to implement in a physical school. Our constant and immediate feedback aids learner to comprehend the content better. The learner is able to see the recording of the class again, if needed. Peeracadémie is more efficient, less expensive and offers higher value. Some highlights of Peeracadémie:

Our teachers are trained with the Cambridge curriculum.

  • checkNo expenditure on Infrastructure, Transport, Uniforms and Meals etc
  • checkIt is safe and secured, esp. at a time when the world is becoming more socially distant.
  • checkThe flexibility of learning with recorded classes helps the learner clarifies his/ her doubts anytime
  • checkEvery Learner at Peeracadémie has his/ her own identity as we believe each one is talented and there is no discrimination on the basis of grades or marks obtained.
  • checkLearners are prevented of bullying, corporal punishment, discrimination and favouritism.
  • checkWith our live classes concept we build lifelong connections and friends worldwide.

Is Peeracadémie open for everyone irrespective of their religion, caste, creed or ethnicity?

Yes, We are open for Learners residing anywhere on the globe. We are currently enrolling students who wish to pursue Cambridge curriculum.

What is the purpose of Peeracadémie School?

Peeracadémie School believe in making education accessible for all. Each child is different and we excel in teaching with differentiation with encouraging the learners to experiment, explore and create.

Is there a basis for the promotion of students to next Grade at the end of the academic year?

Yes, we would follow the system similar to a traditional school with regards to the promotion of the Students. There will be mid- term assessments and term-end assessments. After the result is announced, few remedial classes will be organised for revisiting the concepts which the teacher feels is not well understood by some students. Finally we will provide the report card.

Will there be inter-class or inter-school competitions?

We will make the announcements along with the details for Games, Debates, Quiz, Arts & Craft, Music Concerts and more in our beyond the classroom program(see details on the website).

How will I know my child is learning?

Continuous feedbacks will be given to the Parents via mails at the end of each unit, report cards, PTM’s. Parents may fix an appointment with the teacher by sending a WhatsApp message at 9910608787.

How will my child read books, as there is no library?

We will have reading time during English class. There are many online libraries , the teacher will provide the link in the google classroom. Also, We will announce the storytelling sessions at regular intervals. The senior students of Peeracadémie will come online to read stories to the younger ones. Also the younger students will get an opportunity to read stories to the elders.

How will Sports / Games be conducted?

We offer Mindfulness in our “Beyond the classroom” program which includes Yoga, Meditation, and physical well-being. Learners and Parents will have the option to enrol into age appropriate courses. In fact, with the flexibility of Peeracadémie, it would be easy to follow your passion and interest, be it sports, arts or cultural pursuits.

What will my child learn additionally compared to physical School?

Refer to our “Beyond the classroom” program on our website. Peeracadémie is evolving every day, and you could expect more from us.

How much homework will the students have in a day?

We do not call it as Homework. Rather there will be some research work which the learners will have to do after the live classes. This kind of work is self-motivating and learners take interest in doing it independently.

In a School, my child develops several values and life skills. Will Peeracadémie be able to do the same?

Peeracadémie is a home-school based on 21st century skills. Our diverse culture will enable the learners to develop the 4C’s i.e. communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. When learners communicate and work with different nationalities,they become flexible and adaptable. Learners become self-directed and take initiative through various group projects. Learners develop the social and cross-cultural skills. These are the skill that learners need to acquire to achieve their goals in the real world.

What about discipline?

The structured learning system, along with positive reinforcements from teachers, will help students to become disciplined. Of course, we would need the support of parents and others at home too.

What happens if my child is unable to do his homework?

We agree that there would be circumstances and instances when the child is unable to complete the homework or projects. As such, we encourage each child to learn and grow at their own pace. Our teachers will provide support , in case the learner is facing any difficulty.

How will examinations be conducted?

There would be both formative and summative assessments. Learners will take Examinations based on conceptual understanding and application of knowledge. All assessments will be designed keeping in mind the standards of Cambrigde checkpoint, IGCSE, O- levels, A levels, AS levels.

Will there be writing work?

Yes, students will have written work, and it is part of the learning material. Parents can capture images from mobile and upload on goggle classroom for evaluation / feedback.

What about picnics and excursions?

City-based learning trips will be encouraged. Parents can take their children for a visit to certain places as per the requirements. During summer breaks, we may facilitate Outbound Learning Programs and Excursions. These would be optional, and there would be an additional cost as well.

How can my child attend live classes when I am not at home?

We expect an adult to be with the learner during all live classes. In case Parents / Learners are unable to attend the live classes, they can view the recorded classes. Additionally, parents can also refer to the google classroom for updates on homework and activities.

How can I speak to the Principal / Teachers?

Through a prior appointment by messaging on Whatsapp at 9910608787.

How do I give feedback about teachers?

We conduct regular feedback polls and surveys about the teachers and the teaching-learning experience. Additionally, Parents are welcome to communicate their concerns and suggestions using the communication tools like chat, email and calls with prior appointment.

Will I get a Progress Report Card?

Yes, Parents will receive Progress Report Cards at the end of each term.

Will the Peeracadémie celebrate festivals and other important days?

Special assemblies will be conducted online to educate and understand the significance of festivals and other important days. We would also share tips and ideas for celebration at home with family and friends.

How can I enrol my child?

Enrolment to Peeracadémie School is a simple process. An enrolment fee of Rs. 250/- including GST is payable at the time of submission of the enrolment form.

I have twins. Do I need to enrol each child separately?

Yes, each child must enrol into the Peeracadémie Program individually just as you would do in a physical school.

Can learners in the same house and same class attend the class together?

Yes, they must be visible in the screen as attendance is mandatory.

In case I am not satisfied with the Program, how can I discontinue?

Learners can leave the Peeracadémie at any point of the academic year, without being liable to pay for the future fee instalments by informing the admin via mail at You can re-join the educational Program at any point of time in the future, subject to availability of seats in a Batch.

Can I enrol my child in the middle of the academic year?

Yes, students can enrol at any point of time in the year subject to availability of the Batch.

Will I get admissions in a traditional school after one year of home-schooling?

Current laws, including the Right to Education Act, requires schools to enrol students as per the age of the child, up to Grade 8. Schools cannot refuse admission to a home-schooled child. However, this is subject to availability of seats in the School.

Can I enrol only for some subjects?

No, for P1 to P5, we do not have the option to enrol only for a particular subject(s).

What kind of computer system or device will I need at home?

We recommend using a Home Desktop or a Laptop for online classes. If required, Learners can also attend the classes through the Mobile App on Android Phones and iPhone. Here are the recommended tech specifications:

  • check Windows Operating Systems (32-Bit And 64-Bit)

    Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 10 Recommended Hardware Pentium 4 or newer processor that supports SSE2 512MB of RAM / 2GB of RAM for the 64-bit version 200MB of hard drive space

  • check Mac Operating Systems

    macOS 10.9 macOS 10.10 macOS 10.11 macOS 10.12 macOS 10.13 Recommended Hardware Macintosh computer with an Intel x86 processor 512 MB of RAM 200 MB hard drive space

  • check Android

    Android 4.1 or above devices. Minimum 50 MB internal storage. Minimum 384 MB of RAM. Display minimum 320 pixels high and 240 pixels wide.

  • check IOS

    iOS 10.3 and above. iPhone 5 And above devices. iPad 4th generation and above.

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