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Peeracadémie home school makes it so easy. The units are awesome and flexible. My daughter loves home school and is learning to do so many things she never learnt at school. It is like a full- fledged school from home.

My kids have been home schooled all their life and since we started Peeracadémie, Home school a few months ago it's the first time ever they have begged to do school and want to keep going when the lesson is done. I wish it was around before. I love to see their happiness while learning new experiments.

We love everything about Peeracadémie Home School! The programs are hands on, interesting, fun, integrated learning across all subject areas. And it’s very affordable. Peeracadémie Home School has made planning so much easier for me and reduced my workload. Peeracadémie Home school team are so approachable and helpful. Thanks so much Neetu and your awesome team…

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